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They then move onto change the automatic numbering that we have setup in the document. All of a sudden the author/reviewers changes from their name to the name of the person who was previously in the document!! Its all very strange. It doesn't happen all the time Can anyone help? It sounds like its not looking at the User Information in Word, but must be looking somewhere else. Wd drive utilities for mac, guide. Regards, SandyH 2. When vieweing a Track Change document to 'show reviewers' a few of our users often see the name of a reviewer in the list that never touched the document, someone who doesn't even work for our company.

  1. Find And Replace On Word For Mac

There are several different methods of saving a Word doc as a PDF, and for converting an existing Word DOC/DOCX file to PDF, both of which use the Microsoft Office Word app on the Mac to get the job done.

As a bonus, you can click this item on the status bar to activate or deactivate revision marks in your document.

• Next, paste the following codes there and click “Run”. Sub DeleteAllAuthorNamesInComments() Dim objComment As Comment ' Delete all author names in comments For Each objComment In ActiveDocument.Comments objComment.Author = ' objComment.Initial = ' Next objComment End Sub 2 Methods to Change Author Names for Comments Sometimes, instead of deleting author names, we prefer to change them. Method 1: Edit User Name • First and foremost, click “Review” tab.

Find And Replace On Word For Mac

> > If you tell me what you want the reviewer's name to be, and what date and > time you want to use, I will see if I can find the code I have that does >Kindle for mac os. this. > > Cheers > On 11/7/05 10:26 PM, in article BEF8A28A.6859% XXXX@XXXXX.COM /INVALID, ' XXXX@XXXXX.COM /INVALID' wrote: > Hello > Does anyone know how to disable the date/time stamp in the track changes > feature? Would also like to know how to change the reviewer's name. > I'm using Word for Mac 2001 and a MacOS 9.1 operating system. > With thanks for any leads and advice. > Helene Please reply to the newsgroup to maintain the thread. Please do not email me unless I ask you to.

The document was created from scratch, so we know the name isn't there from a previous version. The incorrect reviewer may have been an actual reviewer in another document, but not the one in question.

Consequently, you user name on your computer should be altered, too. No matter what your case is, it shall do you no harm to learn ways to delete or change personal information on computer or digital documents, especially in an age when privacy breaches happen all the time. 2 Methods to Delete the Author Names for Comments At first, there are 2 solutions for you to delete the author name. Method 1: Remove Personal Information For Example, this is our sample: • Firstly, open the document and click “File”, then “Info”.

Select the font, font style, and size you want. Click the Set As Default button. The following dialog box is displayed.

This won't do if you're using custom document properties, because those would be removed at the same time. After many hours of poking around, I discovered that you CAN suppress the date & time stamp from Track Changes--here's how to do it (in Word for Mac 2011, at any rate): Go to 'Word > Preferences > Personal Settings > Security > Privacy Options' and check 'Remove personal information from this file on save' then save the document. No more date or time stamp in Track Changes comments and edits in this document.

Microsoft Word Track Changes Hide Reviewer Name Date September 11, 2009 Author By Category Q: I want to send my document outside the company. I want to leave tracked changes in the document, but I don’t want anyone to see who made the tracked changes or when they were made. How do I do that? Before Word 2003, you can’t. The author (or reviewer) information and the date information are permanently attached to the revision when the revision was tracked.

All new Word documents will now use that font size by default. If you want to modify any of your font-default changes, just repeat the appropriate process listed above. And for more related resources, check out: • • • This post may contain affiliate links. See our for more details.

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Hope this helps and I do not recommand the ZIP solution. Kind regards. Questions and solutions May 20 Hello, Adrien, thank you for testing out these ideas, I have edited my previous post accordingly (and amended the pricing info on Word uTilities). It’s good to know this set of macros does the job for editing reviewer’s comments/track changes in Microsoft Word. I have downloaded uTilities as well. I also take note of John Fossey’s elegant solution.

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