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When you set up a new Kindle device, or a new instance of the Kindle app on some computer, phone, or tablet, Amazon’s device manager screen lists them for you so you can pick which one to send given e-books to when you buy them. Type a new email address in the box under the heading titled 'Your Kindle Approved E-mail List' if you wish to have your Kindle email address recognize your personal email address. This is necessary if you want to send documents for conversion to your Kindle email address.

• Here's the full list of supported file types you can email to your Kindle Fire: • Text documents: AZW (Amazon eBook format), TXT (plain text files), PDF, MOBI / PRC (Mobipocket open eBook format), DOC ( MS Word 2003 and earlier), and DOCX (Word 2010 / 2007). • Audio files: MP3, AAC / iTunes unprotected m4a files, MIDI, OGG, and WAV. • Image files: JPG ( JPEG), GIF, PNG, and BMP (Windows bitmaps). • Video files: MP4 and VP8. Hp office jet pro 8710 scanning driver for mac.

• To find out what it is, go to, and login if needed. • On the next page, click ' Personal Document Settings' (the left navigation, near the bottom). • • A screen will load and list all your email addresses, for each hardware kindle you own, and another for Kindle apps you have installed (on your iPad, for example): Note: if you only have one Kindle, it will generally be the username portion of your Amazon login email address, but ending in '' instead of,, Tip: inside the Kindle app for iPad, tap on Settings (gear icon, bottom right), and it will be listed under ' Sent-to-Kindle Email Address' - send attachments there to read them on your iPad! Meyepro for mac free. People • To change your Kindle's email address, click the Edit link next to it, enter a new one, and click ' Update'.

From there, you can select the font style, including eight different sizes and nine font choices. You can also choose font spacing, which gives you three settings each for both line spacing and the size of the margins (small, medium, and large). On the you can also choose orientation, letting you read in portrait mode.

If you're an member (which costs $99 per year, but gets you free two-day shipping on everything Amazon sells and some other perks), the way is via the, which lets you borrow one book per month. The selection here includes many titles on the New York Times bestseller list, plus. To access the Lending Library, head to the Kindle Store on your device, and select the drop-down menu for 'All Categories.'

But this will ensure no matter what device you're in front of, you can keep reading the same book right where you left off. Parental Controls and Family Access You can set parental controls to restrict access to the Kindle Store, the cloud, the experimental Web browser, and Goodreads. Just Tap Menu > Settings > Parental Controls > Restrictions. From here, you can additionally set up Kindle FreeTime, which allows you to create a personalized profile for your child and add appropriate content. If you ever lose your Kindle, there's really not much a thief could do with it—other than check out what you're reading, and possibly buy more Kindle books with your stored credit card information.

Email Address For Kindle Customer Service

Kindle App For Mac

Still, you'll want to deregister the device as soon as possible. From a desktop browser, log into your Amazon account.

Deleting an Email Account • Open the “ Email” app. • Tap “ Menu” > “ Settings” • Tap the email account you wish to remove. • Scroll all the way to the bottom and select the option to “Delete Account from Device”, and the account will be deleted. This post applies to the Kindle Fire HD8 and HD10 devices. Filed Under: Tagged With:, Reader Interactions.

Follow the steps for and use the Apple ID email address and password from above. Change the email associated with that account to the throw-away email address.

Email Address For Kindle

If you find yourself coming across issues trying to set a new Apple ID email address, read on. What to do if your email address is already being used with an Apple ID If you see a warning that the email address you are trying to change to is already being used, it's because another Apple ID is already attached to this account. Even if you don't remember creating an account with it or create it yourself, it's already being used. Now, let's fix it.

PCMag reviews products, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Welcome to the digital book revolution. The latest,,, and Kindle Oasis are the company's best yet. They're also pretty easy to use. But Amazon doesn't pack a printed manual, and the company's website doesn't necessarily emphasize the simplest way to do things, either.

Related stories • • • Amazon Kindle devices are automatically named when you activate them to something like, 'Ed's Kindle.' A second Kindle on your account will be named, 'Ed's 2nd Kindle.' If you want to change the name to something a bit more descriptive, like the specific model (Paperwhite, Fire, Fire HD, etc.), here's how: Step 1: Go to the and log in with the account you used to register your Kindle. Under the 'Your Kindle Account' section, click on 'Manage your Devices.' Step 2: Click on the 'edit' link next to the name of the Kindle you want to rename.

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