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  1. How To Manually Create A Table Of Contents In Word For Mac

Home » pc software » Create a Table of Contents in Word 2011 for Mac. Create a Table of Contents in Word 2011 for Mac. Author: movieadmin Nov. Posted in pc software 20 Comments. Describes find out how to make an automated desk of contents in Phrase 2011 for Mac. Flash player for mac version 10.6.8. Creating a Table of Contents, or TOC, for a document in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac is not difficult, but it can be tricky to make it look just like you want it. This lesson takes you through the process of creating a dynamic table of contents that can be easily updated to reflect the content in your document.

By default, Microsoft Word builds the table of contents using any text in your document that has Heading 1, Heading 2 or Heading 3 applied to it (although you can change this, and add other styles to the TOC if you want). You'll notice from the picture above that the Quick Styles Gallery doesn't have a button for the Heading 3 style. Don't worry - we'll look at how to apply a Heading 3 style later in the lesson. Here's an example of a document with some content that we will format using Word's built-in styles. I've identified the styles that I plan to assign to each paragraph: Here's the same document after it has been formatted using styles for Heading 1 and Heading 2 from the Quick Styles toolbar: Given that the Heading 3 style is not available in the Quick Styles Gallery by default, you can follow these steps to apply Heading 3 if you need it (there are other ways to do it, but this way is quick, easy, and will result in a Heading 3 button being added to the Quick Styles Gallery). Chromecast app for mac. If you don't plan to use Heading 3 styles in your documents you can skip this section.

Just tried the table of figures and tables after all that and, again, if I choose captions labelled Figure the table shows figures and tables – if I choose tables it shows figures and tables. Not sure what the problem with Word 2013 butt it doesn’t appear to work with these instructions. Thanks for your patience and help though. Hi Richard, I’ve just sat down and checked it all words for Word 2013 and it does – I created a Table caption, created two Figure captions, changed the colour of the captions to red, right-clicked on the Caption style, chose update style to match selection and it updated them all into red, then created two tables, one of figures and one of captions. I just want to check that you did it like this: you copied your caption, used Insert Caption and then pasted the text into the field, rather than highlighting the text and choosing Caption from the Style list. Just double-checking, as I got all this working fine in Word 2013.

Great 40 Table Of Contents Word Template Microsoft Table Of Contents — Word 2010. Modern Table Of Contents Word Template Microsoft Table Of Contents — Word 2011 (Mac).

How To Manually Create A Table Of Contents In Word For Mac

This will produce the same result. You can use the hyperlink menu to link to other places within your document as well. For example, you may want to link a mention of a section to that actual section in your document. Consider the following text: Here, we want to link the mention of “Section 2” in our text in Section 1 to the actual heading for Section 2, so that if our reader wants to jump to that section, he or she can do so with a click. (Let’s pretend that Section 2 is not right there!) Before we can link, we need to tell Word that these are headings.

This method is fast, but requires that you find and select your table of contents - this can be time consuming in a large document: • • You can right-click the table and choose Update Field from the context menu that appears. This method also requires that you find and select your ToC: • There is an Update Table button on the References toolbar. This works wherever you are in the document regardless of whether the table of contents is selected: • Finally, this method is my favorite. Word will automatically update your table of contents when you print your document.


But you can also use the automatic table of contents creator to do it quickly! Have a better way to do it? Share it in the comments below!

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• You can choose either of the built-in Automatic Tables as a starting point - you will be able to customize the formatting of the ToC once you've inserted it. • You can select a table of contents style from (we won't explore this option here). • You can Insert Table of Contents (this lets you customise your table of contents before inserting it. • Yu can create a Manual Table.

Add bookmark: select text and hit command-B Control zoom of bookmark: select it, click command-I, hit the actions tab, and 'edit.' Adding links to the TOC was a matter of going into Advanced/Links and using the link tool. Set location and zoom level before hitting the last 'Set Link' button. I'm very disappointed that this feature is missing from Pages. Pages makes much more beautiful documents but MS Word makes much more functional documents. In both MS Word and Google Docs, using the header styles and making a dynamic TOC makes working links when exporting to PDF. In pages you can't make document bookmarks.

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