Is Quicken 2018 For Mac Good

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How is this possible!? I do not want them being automatically folded in my register. At least that's what I'm seeing. • There's no scheduled transactions window?? I don't understand this. Maybe I'm missing something.

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Dec 02, 2017  Meantime, Quicken Mac 2018 still lacks in reporting customization, the inability to include transfer categories in reports and the inability to include transfer payments or income in budgets. Still a VERY long way to go yet. Quicken for Mac vs. Quicken for Windows Be aware Quicken 2019 for Mac does not function exactly the same as its Windows counterpart. In some ways, this is good, because Quicken can take advantage of features available only in Apple’s MacOS operating system.

I have been a Quicken Home & Business user for many years, in the US and more recently in Canada. The Canadian operation has now moved to a subscription mode and the Home & Business version now has an annual subscription fee of $90 per year – to me, that’s a real ripoff. To discourage you from continuing to use your current, non-subscription version, they have now disabled two key features – downloading & categorizing transactions from financial institutions and downloading stock quotes. I have tried all the major alternatives out there, and my favorite by far is one I rarely see mentioned – KDE’s KMyMoney. Just tried MoneyDance and CountAbout – the two closest things to what I’m looking for – and found them worse than even Quicken for the features I really care about.

Is it because when you setup the loan, it only counts the interest as the expense and not the full amount (since part of it was a transfer)? What I’ve found to work is renaming the split (I had to do this in prior versions of Quicken as well, and early versions with Credit Card Payments even) – “Student Loan Payment”. You could even get specific by loan type. It looks like this: Then, when you go into your spending and budgeting, you can see it here – just look at the line for both Student Loan Payment and Loans (which is interest and I could also rename). I have been using Quicken Mac 2007 for all this time because my stock data has multiple lots with different purchase dates. I bought the 2018 edition because they claimed it will handle multiple lots — and it does, though the import had a few glitches which I was able to work around. But I’m sorry I spent the time doing that, as the 2018 version is severely crippled.

I've used this program since the mid-1980's and never had such a problem. Also, the wait time for the 'priority' telephone support for Premier users has been over an hour all day while the online support hasn't worked at all. It does not, and I am so angry about it. I bought into Quicken 2018 from 2017 with the hope that Quicken had finally fixed the basic user interface issues, and once again they disappoint.

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