Stream Setup Tutorial For Mac With Elgato Using Linein

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Let’s say you’re broadcasting some information that you don’t want your viewers to see in real time. You can enable this option and set the amount of seconds for your stream to be delayed. You’ll also see an estimate on how much memory OBS Studio will need to make this work properly. The automatically reconnect option will tell OBS Studio what to do in the case that we disconnect from the Twitch server. I leave mine at the default values.

This will work; you just need to set the Elgato to use the Analog Audio input rather than HDMI audio (since your Mixamp's STREAM out will be carrying everything: game sound, your mic, party chat.) If you don't yet have the Mixamp, I recommend getting the Mixamp Pro TR (get the White one for Xbox One). Email address for kindle support. It eliminates the cable between the Mixamp and Controller, AND it lets you adjust the levels of the individual parts of the STREAM out i mentioned (my older Mixamp Pro for example had my mic way loud compared to party chat/game audio. With my new TR I can adjust that mix) • • • • •.

Once you've got your Elgato hooked up, it's easy to use even if you've never streamed before. Do you still have questions about using an Elgato to stream video from PlayStation VR? Do you use an Elgato to stream?

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The bad thing is if you have a webcam and a microphone, the challenge of getting your audio to sync with your video is an entirely different beast. So my next article will deal with that debacle. Any questions, feel free to message me on Twitch or leave a comment here. Until next timeenjoy streaming! Gaming with a hint of sarcasm.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S connects to the PlayStation 4 using HDMI. It can passthrough video to a TV set also using HDMI. It can passthrough video to a TV set also using HDMI. An HDMI cable is included in the box. How to Stream any game to on MAC using OBS in only 5 minutes - A Step by Step Guide. How To Stream Using OBS, For The PS4, Xbox One, & Wii-U On Mac With Elgato Capture Card - Explained. How to stream Nintendo Switch using Elgato HD 60 S (OBS or Elgato Game Capture) - w/ Audio Fix. You might be wondering, “Since I can stream directly from my current generation console, why do I need an Elgato capture card or to run OBS through my PC?” WellStreamerSquare already posted a handy guide for streaming directly from your PS4. But you may want to boost your streaming experience for your viewers by using a PC and OBS. Hey OBS community! I published a new video on YouTube today regarding my specific stream setup, which also serves as a tutorial for using the Elgato Game Capture software with OBS to stream (and record), specifically for Mac.

Click “Load Web Font” to update your font. The input field is case sensitive. For example, type “Oswald” or “Roboto Condensed” (without the quotes) and click the load button. • Font Size – Controls the size of the font used. • Font Weight – Controls the weight (or thickness) of the font used. Not all fonts have different font weights. • Text Horizontal Offset – Controls the horizontal distance of the text from the dividers.

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Stream Setup Tutorial For Mac With Elgato Using Lineinthesand

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Stream Setup Tutorial For Mac With Elgato Using Line Integrals

• Rate Control: CBR • Bitrate: • This setting intimately depends on the upload speed of your internet. We recommend most users use 2000kbps to 7000kbps. See for more information regarding these settings. • Keyframe Interval: • Recommended 1-3 • The higher the number, the better the stream quality, but the longer it takes your stream to load and recover from packet loss for your viewers. • Preset: • Higher quality better looking stream, but higher latency. For CPU encode the higher quality will also require more CPU. • Profile: Main • Tune: [CPU only] zerolatency for super low latency streams. (None) for higher latency.

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