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How to password protect and lock word files on Mac For Microsoft Word documents (Word 2000 and newer), you can choose a higher level of security when saving a file. Rather than simply clicking 'Save', you can click “File”, then “Save As” and follow below steps to add a password to your word file. On the File screen, choose Info and click the Protect Document button. Of the several choices, these options are recommended: Mark As Final: The document is flagged as final, which means that editing is disabled. Still, you can easily override it by clicking the Edit Anyway button that appears. Follow this simple guide on how to password protect a word document and ensure your files are safe. In the File menu, select the Info tab. Within the Info tab select the Protect Document button.

To encrypt/decrypt a document in Word 2016/2013 for Mac, here is how: Step 1: On Mac, open a word document, click Review > Protect Document. Step 2: Under Security, you can select whether to enter a password to open the document, modify the document, or both. Enter each password again to confirm.


Click 'Select Sections' and check the sections you will protect. Finally click the OK button. Step 4: Click 'Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button' and Check the Password.

On the next pop-up re-enter the password and click on Ok once again. Now, close the Word document and from the pop-up click on Save, to save the changes you have just made From now on whenever someone tries to open that Word document, they will have to enter a password to view the Word Document. Password Protect Word Document in Office 2013 and 2016 on Mac The procedure to password protect a Word Document in Office 2013 and 2016 on Mac is different than the procedure to do it on a PC.

Anyone who tries to open the document will need the password to do it. Go to File Info Protect Document Encrypt with Password. Restrict Editing Now let’s look at Word’s options for limiting edits in a document – in whole or part. Long-time Word users may remember, with little enthusiasm, how restrict editing was done in Word. Adoble lightroom mac torrent. Complicated nonsense about forms etc forget all that.

But what if you actually want to see this screen again once you’ve made this change? To do so, just select File > No delete option in avast for mac review. New From Template from the application’s menu bar, or use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-P. What About Older Versions of Office? The steps in this tip apply to the latest version of Office as of the date of publication, which is Office 2016. What about older versions of Office, such as Office for Mac 2011? This version also has a Document Gallery, but it works a bit differently. To launch Office for Mac 2011 applications directly with a blank new document, find and check the box labeled Don’t show this in each Office application.

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