How Do I Set Word For Mac For Single Line Spacing

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The latest iteration of Word is geared more toward folks using the Web.The default line spacing has been changed to 1.15 — a more casual look that works well if you are creating content for the Web. Flv to mp4 converter for mac. Folder

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It is currently set at single line spacing and I wish to set the default to 1.15 lines as this is far clearer for technical report writing. Best Answer: Quick solution for the current (or selected) paragraph: On the Home ribbon, click on the Line Spacing button and choose 'Line Spacing Options'. In the options window, type the factor that you want into the field under 'Spacing At', e.g. 1.3 To change the 'Normal' style: - Choose Format>Style - select the 'Normal' style (it's the default style for all documents), - click on Modify - click on the 'Format' drop-down menu and choose 'Paragraph', - type the factor you want into the field under 'Line Spacing', for example 1.2 - also, consider giving some 'Spacing after' a paragraph. You can define new styles and set shortcut keys for them so that later, when writing the document, you can quickly apply them to paragraphs, headlines, sub-headlines, captions, etc.


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If the addresses have already been typed with each line as its own paragraph, or if the addresses are from a mail merge, you can use a Quick Style set that eliminates extra space between paragraphs. You can also select the lines of the address and remove the extra space between them. Type single-spaced addresses • Type the address. At the end of each line, press SHIFT+ENTER, and at the end of the last line of the address, press ENTER. • Click somewhere within the address you just typed. • On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Line and Paragraphs Spacing ( Line Spacing in Word 2007). • Right-click the addresses and point to Styles.

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